What is Snowlife

The Snowlife Snowsport Awards are nationally recognised awards for skiing and snowboarding. They have been developed by UK Governing Bodies for skiing and snowboarding and BASI (British Association of Snowsport Instructors)… it really means something when you achieve your levels!

What the experts think

Alain Baxter and Lesley McKenna: Ex British number one skier and snowboarder "We started at school and so can you. Everyone should get their own Snowlife and these awards are a great way to start. See you on the slopes!"

How the award works

The awards are for absolutely everybody, age and ability simply don't come into it. And there's no rush either - just build up your skills at a pace that suits. The awards take you from absolute beginner through to expert, perfect if you've already got your sights on the most challenging pistes.

What Lions Do

Snowlife Awards can be achieved at Lions Ski Club during Sunday morning sessions. These awards progress skiers through the basic levels, including the fun element for beginners, up to the advanced level which will help develop your child into an accomplished skier. The tasks for each of the levels will be worked on with their instructor and once it is felt that they are at a suitable standard they will be assessed for the next award. If they pass the assessment a badge will be awarded. If a child does not pass an assessment we record the areas that need further work and can re-assess them on those areas when they progress. Snowlife log books are available which can be used to record a child’s development and also give an idea of the requirement for each level (please see the ‘Snowlife Logbook’ button at the top of the page).

The Snowlife awards go all the way up to 9, however, Snowlife 6 is the highest award that we assess to in the indoor environment. This is also the level that we set as one of the criteria to be eligible for an invitation to attend additional race training within Lions. The attainment of the Snowlife 6 level demonstrates a grasp of the core fundamental skills required for safe and effective progression into racing.

It is important that you keep us informed of your contact details as we will contact you by e-mail if your child has passed their next level of Snowlife.

The Snowlife  log books and badges each cost £2 and can be purchased from Lions Ski Club at most Sunday morning sessions.

Further Information

At Lions Ski Club we fully support and endorse the awards and have been working closely with the senior instructors at Snowsport England to put a structure in place to give clear guidance to those taking the awards (and their parents). This will provide clarity and for each stage of the award the candidate will be provided with examples of tasks they will be expected to be able to complete to a satisfactory standard. The examples do not form an exhaustive list and it is equally important that general skiing is to the standard described in the award. 

Details of the tasks can be accessed by clicking on the ‘Snowlife Criteria’ button at the top of this page. Additionally, where candidates are expected to know elements of the Ski Way Code (see the back of the award booklet under “Staying Safe” or in the abovementioned Snowlife Criteria) we will want to see that they understand the practical implications and do not just recite them “parrot fashion”.